Isn’t it reasonable to want my child to play in her crib when she wakes up?

Parents always value the times when their child wakes up and plays contentedly in her crib. An infant may be entertained by looking at or randomly batting a mobile and a baby who can sit up may be happy with toys left for her. The cheerful sounds of a child playing in her crib are delightful to parents—and so are the extra bits of free time that come when she entertains herself.

                               The length of time a child will spend playing alone varies, depending on her age and needs. Some children will play happily as long as they hear their parents nearby, while others will stop playing and want to be picked up right away. Many babies won’t play at all and will want to be taken out of the crib as soon as they’re awake. It’s not unusual for babies to go through different phases: a child who’s been happy to play in her crib may suddenly stop wanting to spend time there. And often, a baby who shows anxiety about being separated from her parents during the day will not want to play alone in her crib.

                               If your child doesn’t play when she wakes up, you probably feel frustrated, especially if she’s an early riser. In order to get a little more sleep, you might try bringing her back to bed with you when she first wakes up. Even if she doesn’t fall asleep again, she may lie quietly with you for a while. You can also put some toys on your bed or on the floor nearby and encourage her to play quietly while you rest.

                               If she does play in her crib, be sure the toys you leave are safe and appropriate. And since she does a lot of moving and turning while she sleeps, be sure the objects in her crib won’t harm her or wake her up if she bumps them. You might also want to switch toys in the crib every few weeks so she’ll have some new things to play with. And occasionally try putting her in her crib to play after a bath or meal—you might have a little extra time to yourself if she’s content to stay there for a while.

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