Is there any difference between deer and antelopes?

          Although antelopes and deer look alike, they belong to different families. While antelopes belong to the Bovidae family, deer belong to the Cerivdae family. There are some other important differences between these animals too.

          A male deer has antlers, which it sheds every year. They grow back later. However, antelopes do not shed their horns, as their horns are permanent. Deer have branched antlers. Antelopes, on the other hand, do not develop branches on their horns. Antelopes are commonly found in African, and in European and Asian countries. They have adapted to a large range of habitats. Some antelope species are sedentary, and do not move from one place to another. Some on the other hand, migrate.

          Deer are very common animals and are found in all continents except Antarctica and Australis. Curiously, there is only one species of deer in Africa, called the red deer.

Picture Credit : Google