Earth’s climate is slowly getting warmer. Scientists who study the climate have found that it is a little warmer now than it was 100 years ago. You may not notice the difference, but plants and animals do.

Is it true? Trees reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Yes. Tree leaves take harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen. We breathe the oxygen they make.

Why is the temperature rising?

It’s getting warmer because of what the Earth’s 6 billion people are doing. Because of the way we lead our lives; we are changing the Earth’s climate. We are making the planet grow warmer.

Amazing! There is far more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there was 200 years ago. This is mainly why it’s warmer today than it was in the past.

How are we making the temperature rise?

By burning ‘fossil fuels’ — coal, oil and natural gas — we are putting ‘greenhouse gases’, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. The gases surround the Earth and keep heat in.

Picture Credit : Google