India Post successfully delivers mail by drone for the first time

The Department of Posts in India delivered mail using a drone for the first time in Gujarat’s Kutch district. On May 27, Gurugram based TechEagle’s VertiplaneX3 drone delivered a medical parcel from Habay village in Bhuj taluka to Ner village in Bhachau taluka, covering 46 kms in 25 minutes. The 100 km range VertiplaneX3 has a payload capacity of 3 kgs and a top speed of 120 km/hour. “It was the longest drone delivery in a single flight and that too in a harsh weather environment with a wind speed of more than 30 km/ hour,” said Vikram Singh Meena, Founder-CEO, TechEagle. The project is aimed at enabling faster deliveries across the country, be it in urban cities or any rural village.

Picture Credit : Google

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