I will lose my best friend

I’m a student of Std X. I am in contact with a girl since last year, for 6 months through Facebook. I have met her several times. She is my good friend. But I feel like I’m in love with her now. Sometimes I think that I should propose to her. But at the same time I think that by doing so, I will lose my best friend. What should I do?

You are facing the classic dilemma and it isn’t easy to make this choice! So, how about not making the choice right now and letting time revel whether she is right as a friend, or as the love of your life?

Friendship is a very important component of love. It makes love last longer and stand the test of time. Once you complete your education and select your career, if you still feel for her, you can propose to her then. However, if you feel you have changed your mind, you can continue as friends and no one will be hurt.

Connecting with someone on social media and meting them can pose a safety risk. Do you know her background well? Have you met her family? It is important to be a bit cautious and avoid a future heartbreak.


Picture Credit : Google