I want to make a career in wildlife and marine biology

I am a student of Class 10 about to enter Class 11. I am interested in wildlife and marine biology and want to make a career in both. Is it possible for me to be both a wildlife and a marine biologist? If so, please guide me as to which field to opt for in Class 11 and what I need to do after that.

Both fields are related and till graduation the courses are the same. Start with Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2, followed by B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological sciences. Study covers a wide variety of subjects such as biochemistry, pathology, ecology, anatomy, ocean farming, development, reproduction, parasitology, conservation, etc. By that time, you will have a better idea about your interest. Later, you can go for 2 years M. Sc. in Marine Biology or Wildlife.

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