I study in Std 10 and I am confused about my career. I am an average student. I am interested in law but people say it is very difficult. My parents, too, are not keen on me taking up law. But I find law very interesting. How can I make my parents understand that I would like to make my career in law?

The courtroom drama of a lawyer examining witnesses on the stand and asking dramatic questions looks very glamorous and exciting on prime time television. Make sure that you are not just fascinated by this picture, as law requires a lot of hard work. You’ll spend hours poring over facts, previous cases and changes in the law. It also requires lot of research… which can mean collecting and raking through large amounts of written material to find the answers, and carefully analyzing the client’s needs.

Law can be studied in two ways: B.A.LL.B., a 5-year integrated course after 10+2, or L.L.B., a 3-year course after graduation. It is quite easy to get into an LLB course; almost all universities offer this course. B.A.L.L.B. is available at only few universities and usually there is an entrance test for admission.

In order to convince your parents, you must show your work. Try to find details of this field, know more about the subjects taught, find out details of the entrance tests and talk to a lawyer, if possible.

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