Are your favourite jeans dirty? No problem. Put them in the washer. They’ll be clean and ready to wear in no time. When people washed clothes by hand, it took all day. After the clothes were washed, each item had to be twisted to wring out the water.

Today, a washing machine does all the work. First you choose the wash setting. Then you add your clothes and detergent. When you turn the machine on, the machine fills the washing basket, or drum, with water. A tiny computer chip, called a sensor shuts off the waterflow when the level is high enough.

The clothes twist or tumble about in the soapy water. When the clothes are clean, a pump drains the dirty water from the machine. Then the rinse cycle fills the drum with clean water. When the rinse water is pumped out, the timer switches the motor to a faster speed, and the drum spins very quickly. The clothes are flung against the sides of the drum. The water is forced out of the clothes and pumped down the drain. Now your clothes are ready to be tumble dried.


Picture Credit : Google