How to survive a shark attack?

(1) Sharks tend to target lone swimmers, so swim in a group.

(2) Leave the water immediately if you’re bleeding.

(3) Stay out of the water during the dawn and twilight hours, when sharks are on the prowl.

(4) Don’t wear shiny watch-bands or jewelry that sharks might mistake for dish scales.

(5) Avoid swimming in river mouths, areas between sandbars, or near drop-offs.

(6) Don’t swim near fishermen or diving seabirds. No reason to become shark bait!

(7) Wear a disguise. A company in Perth, Australia, designed a line of wet suits to make surfers, divers, and snorkelers appear less appetizing to sharks. The suit’s bold stripes mimic the coloration of dangerous marine creatures, such as sea snakes and lion-fish, which shakes avoid.


Picture Credit : Google