How to make Derrah game at home?

Derrah is a game like Noughts and Crosses and Go. It is a two-player game from North Africa and is easy to make and fun to play.

You will need:

  • Card or paper
  • Felt-tipped pen
  • Small coin
  • 12 matching seeds, stones, buttons, coins, paper, clips, or beads for each player

Be sure each players’ pieces are different. For example, use white seeds for one and black seeds for another, coins or different coloured buttons.


What to do:

  • In Africa, Derrah is played on a wooden board with rows of little round holes, but you can make your own game board. Just trace around a small coin on the paper, drawing six rows of seven circles each. That’s 42 circles that form a rectangle.
  • Decide who goes first. Then set all the pieces on the board, talking turns putting one piece at a time in any empty circle on the board. Only two pieces from the same player can be next to each other.
  • Then take turns moving pieces one space left or right, up or down – but not diagonally. The object is to get three pieces in a row. Choose your moves carefully to try to prevent your opponent from getting three in a row.
  • Each time you get three in a row, you can take one of your opponent’s pieces off the board.

The game ends when one player cannot make any more rows of three, or when all of a player’s pieces has been taken.


Picture Credit : Google