How the angles blades help the turbine spin?

A turbine blade is similar to the blades on an electric fan. The angled blades draw air from behind and pull it forwards. This activity will show you how the angled blades help the turbine spin.

You Will Need:

  • scissors
  • a piece of cardboard
  • a pencil

What to do:

1. Cut a 15-cm circle out of the cardboard. Using a pencil or the point of the scissors, carefully poke a 1/2-cm hole in the centre.

2. Draw a circle around the hole about 1/2 cm outside it.

3. Make 8 slits, evenly spaced around the circle. Cut from the edge to the 1/2-cm mark. Do not cut all the way through. These are the blades.

4. Bend one side of each blade in the same direction.

5. Put the pencil through the hole.

6. Holding each end of the pencil, place the turbine about 20 cm from your body.

7. Blow on the turbine. How fast can you make it spin?


Picture Credit : Google