How similar are plants and Animals?


Plants and Animals

Animals and plants are different. But they couldn’t live without each other! Plants capture energy from sunlight and use it to make roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit. Animals eat plants, or they eat other animals that eat plants. When animals die, their bodies break down and put nutrients, or food, back into the soil for plants.

Animals breathe in air. When they breathe out, the air is mixed with a gas called carbon dioxide. Plants take carbon dioxide out of the air to make food—and then release fresh air. In this way, the plants get the carbon dioxide they need, and the animals get fresh air.

Insects help plants by spreading pollen from one flower to another. The plants need pollen to form seeds and grow fruit. Other animals eat the fruit. They spread the seeds through their droppings. So animals help make new plants grow.

Picture Credit : Google