How pushchair helps to move things?

A pushchair is ideal for older babies at around 6 months. A good way to judge if a baby is ready for a pushchair is if they are able to sit up unaided. A pushchair generally offers the option for the baby to be forward-facing too and in this position, it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘buggy’ which is another term that is used interchangeably.

A travel system consists of a pushchair frame, upon which other parts can easily be fitted. These parts include carrycot, seat unit and a rear-facing car seat and are purchased together as a package which often makes a travel system good value for money.

However, travel systems don’t always have to be bought together as a package, alternatively, you can buy the elements separately.

Most pushchair brands include compatible car seat adaptors in the travel system package enabling the infant car seat to easily be clipped onto the wheels so that a sleeping baby can be moved seamlessly from car to pushchair.

Many car seat manufacturers recommend that a baby should spend no longer than 2 hours (30 minutes for newborns) in a car seat within a 24 hour time period. The benefit of a travel system bundle is that it includes all the parts needed to grow with your baby- once the baby has outgrown the car seat and carrycot, the seat unit can be used.


Picture Credit : Google