How potter’s wheel machine helps to move things?

The earliest wheel and axle machines were used as potter’s wheels. A potter’s wheel is a flat, round stone. By applying effort to a pedal, the potter makes the stone spin on its axle. The potter works a piece of clay between her hands on the spinning stone, shaping the clay into a pot. Clay pots were very important in everyday life in ancient times. They were used to store food, water, and medicines.

A potter’s wheel may occasionally be referred to as a “potter’s lathe”. However, that term is better used for another kind of machine that is used for a different shaping process, turning, similar to that used for shaping of metal and wooden articles.

The techniques of jiggering and jolleying can be seen as extensions of the potter’s wheel: in jiggering, a shaped tool is slowly brought down onto the plastic clay body that has been placed on top of the rotating plaster mould. The jigger tool shapes one face, the mould the other. The term is specific to the shaping of flat ware, such as plates, whilst a similar technique, jolleying, refers to the production of hollow ware, such as cups.


Picture Credit : Google