How plants protect themselves from frost?

Some plants are killed by the frost when winter arrives but the seeds they dropped on the ground in the autumn ensure that new plants grow to replace them in the spring. Other plants spread out their leaves and flatten them against the ground in order to obtain whatever warmth is left in the soil. The violet is a plant that does this.

Myrtle and heather allow their upper plant to wither and die, but the lower part of the stem stays alive and produces buds when the growing season comes.

Many other plants escape from the cold weather by hiding under the soil. These plants are tubers, bulbs and roots which have stored up all the food they need. When the warm weather returns they are ready to push out green leaves and new buds.

Sometimes mechanical means are used to protect plants from frost. In regions where citrus fruits are grown oil heaters, called smudge pots, are placed in the groves and huge fans are also used to keep the air moving and prevent the cold air from settling on the fruit trees.


Picture Credit : Google