How many types of Paint are there for art work?

Jars, Tubes, and Powders

Paints come in a rainbow of colours. Some paints are runny and come in jars. Other paints are oozy and come in tubes. Still other paints come in solids or powders. You have to add water before you can use them.

The kinds of paints you probably use most are water-colours, temperas, and powder paints. All these paints are made of pigments and binders. A pigment is a powder that gives the paint its colour. A binder makes the pigments stick together.

Water-colours are probably the easiest paints to use. They come in tubes or solid tablets. You add a little water if you want the paint’s colour to be strong, and more water if you want a thin paint with a delicate colour.

Tempera paints are also easy to use. They are thicker than water-colours. Temperas are ready to use and clean up easily with soap and water. But they cost more than other paints.

Powder paints may be thick or thin, depending on how much water you add. For a thick paint with a shiny finish, mix the powder with white glue. This shiny paint works well for finger painting.

Picture Credit : Google