How long is the longest train?

The longest train ever was a freight train measuring 7.3 kilometers! The longest passenger train was a measly 1.7 kilometres, but the Belgian railway couldn’t find a platform long enough to park it!

Amazing! Eight men can lay 16 kilometers of track in a day! A team of eight track-layers in America set this world record on April 18, 1869.

Which train is fastest?

France pioneered fast trains after World War Two When Japan introduced the Shinkansen ‘bullet train’ in the 1960s, France responded with the TGV. An experimental TGV has reached 515 kph!

Is it true? A train can weigh more than the Eiffel Tower.

Yes. An Australian mine train was weighed in 1996 at 72,191 tonnes – that’s more than eight Eiffel Towers!

Which train travels farthest?

The once-daily service between Moscow and Vladivostok in Russia travels 9,350 kilometres, taking eight days. Known as the Trans-Siberian Express, or The Russia, the train has featured in several books and films. It is second only in fame to the Orient Express.

Picture Credit : Google