How is the African bush elephant different from the Asian elephant?

        Have you ever gone close to an elephant? The most intimidating aspect of an elephant is its size. An enormous tusker is an awe-inspiring sight. While the Asian elephant is big, the African bush elephant is bigger.

        The most obvious difference between the African and the Asian elephants is the size of their ears. The African’s ears are twice as big as those of the Asian. There is difference in the structure of the chewing surface of the teeth too. While the teeth of the Asian elephant have close narrow loops, the African elephants have wider, diamond shaped surfaces.

        There are four toes on an Asian elephant’s hind foot, while the African has only three. There are more folds or rings in the African elephant’s trunk. Its trunk has two fingers at its tip. The Asian counterpart has only one finger at the end of the trunk. Another significant difference between these animals is that while among the Asian elephants the females do not tusks, the female African elephant has long tusks!

Picture Credit : Google