How is technology useful?

As scientists learn more from technology, they are able to improve some of the machines we already use. Car companies hire safety engineers to make cars safer.

Doctors use technology to help people live longer and better lives. With technology, scientists have found ways to make machines that do the work of body parts, like artificial limbs. Technology may even find a way to replace sight by using artificial eyes.

Technology also improves the quality of life for people with disabilities. For example, hearing-impaired people can read phone messages and type responses. New computer programs convert speech into commands so those with physical disabilities can now use computers.

People expect technology to keep improving life. But some technology can be harmful. Scientists and engineers did not realize this for a long time. For example, machines are run on fuel.

Burning fuel pollutes the air. A new kind of engineering helps protect the earth from technology-and it uses technology to do it! It’s called environmental engineering. Engineers in this area of research use radar to track pollution. They work on finding fuels that run machines with less pollution. They also find ways to clean up and fix the pollution technology has already made.

Today some artificial limbs-arms and legs-can move and bend like real limbs. When our muscles contract, they send out electric currents. A disk inside the artificial arm or leg picks up this current. This current controls an electric motor in the artificial limb, making it bend or move.

Airbags in the front of a car protect adult passengers in the front seat in case of an accident. If a crash occurs at about 19 kilometres per hour or faster, the airbag fills with a gas called nitrogen. The blown-up airbag cushions the passengers like a big pillow, keeping them from hitting the dashboard and windscreen.


Picture Credit : Google