Look out! That splash of red is coming straight towards you! It’s the festival of Holi in India. The streets are filled with people squirting coloured water or smearing brightly coloured powder on each other.

Holi is the spring festival that takes place in February and March. It combines singing, dancing, and traditional merrymaking with Hindu religious ceremonies. It also reminds Hindus of a story from their mythology.

In the story, a king was angry about his son worshiping Lord Vishnu, one of the two main gods of Hinduism. The boy’s evil aunt, Holi, tried to kill the boy by taking him into a huge fire. The boy escaped unhurt, but Holi was killed in the fire.

Today, Hindus light a large bonfire on Holi as a symbol of the burning of all evil things. The bonfire also marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Hindus in many parts of the world celebrate Holi, including people in Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, and Suriname. Wherever is celebrated, people forget about their differences and have fun together.

Picture Credit : Google