How intelligent are gorillas?


        We all know that humans are the most intelligent of all organisms. A proof of our intelligence is our ability to use sophisticated tools. Among animals, there are a few that can use simple tools. Gorillas are considered highly intelligent, as they are capable of using tools.

        Some gorillas have displayed a capacity to learn some sign language too. A gorilla named Koko started learning sign language from the age of one and the time she was 40, she had acquired about 1000 signs, and could understand about 2000 words in English.

        Their intelligence is evident in their communication skills too. Gorillas have been said to produce about 25 different sounds with diverse meanings.

        Do you know that gorillas can laugh? Apes in general have that ability. In fact, the great apes laugh, express grief, have individual colour preferences, make use of tools and think about the past and the future.

Picture Credit : Google