Look at a picture of yourself. Now look at it from a different angle. Do you see another side of yourself in the picture? No, but if you were looking at a hologram you could walk around the picture and see the left side of your body, your back, your right side, your front, and the top of your head.

A hologram is an image that looks three dimensional-that is, it seems to have depth, height, and width. Some credit cards have holograms on them. Holograms also appear in advertisements, artwork, and jewellery.

A hologram is made with laser beams. A laser beam is a kind of coloured light. One laser beam is bounced off a mirror then off the subject and onto a special film. Another laser beam is also bounced off a mirror and onto the film. Where the two beams cross on the film, they make a tiny pattern of bright and dark stripes, a hologram.

Guiding a laser beam onto the film will produce light rays that seem to come from the original subject. The resulting three dimensional image appears to hover in space. You can look over, under, and around the subject. When a hologram is viewed with regular light or sunlight, the image appears with rainbowlike bands of colour.

To make a hologram of an object, such as this teddy bear, a laser is aimed into a mirror then at the object. Another laser is reflected off a mirror and then onto the film. The film records the hologram.


Picture Credit : Google