Is a DVD the same thing as a CD? Although DVD’s looks like CDs, they are different. A DVD works like a CD, but it can hold more information. A CD usually records only sound, but a DVD records pictures as well as sound.

Each side of a DVD can contain two layers. Each of these layers can store data. CD’s have only one layer of information.

Before CD’s and DVD’s were invented, people used cassette tapes and videotapes. Cassette tapes record and play sounds, and videotapes record and play sounds and images.

Cassette tapes, videotapes, CD’s, and DVD’s can be played again and again. That’s one of the reasons people like them so much.

A DVD can be played in a DVD player. A DVD player is often connected to a television set. When a DVD is played, pictures appear on the TV screen and sound comes out of speakers.


Picture Credit : Google