How does scraper box machine work?

To build new roads, workers move huge amounts of earth and rock. They flatten high ground and fill in low places.

A machine called a scraper box is used to move earth from one place to another. It is a huge open box with a slot at the bottom. The box is slung between two diesel engines. Its huge rubber tyres are over 3 metres high.

The engine roars. The scraper lumbers over the ground. A blade at the front bites into the ground at an angle. In seconds, over 30 tonnes of earth are scraped into the box.

Powerful shovels also dig up the earth. Each scoop is as big as a bus.

The scraper box and shovels dump their loads, and bulldozers push the piles to fill in low spots. More rocks are rammed into the ground to make a solid base for the road.

Grading machines carefully level off the top layer of small stones. Another machine lays asphalt-a mixture of sand, small rocks, and tar. Finally, road rollers press the surface absolutely flat.


Picture Credit : Google