Buddha’s Birthday

Buddha is the title people have given to the founder of Buddhism, one of the world’s largest religions. The title Buddha means “Wise One” or “Enlightened One”.

In Japan, Buddhists celebrate his birthday on April 8. On that day in Buddhist temples, children line up to approach a tiny, open shrine covered with flowers. Inside the shrine is a statue of the baby Buddha. One by one, each child takes a small ladle and pours a little sweet tea over the statue. This is the way the children show their love for Buddha.

This day is also known as the Flower Festival, because it is the time of year when cherry trees begin to blossom.

Buddhists in many other parts of Asia also celebrate Buddha’s birthday. In India, people fast (by going without food) during the day and pray at home and in temples. In Korea, many people display paper lanterns in the evening. People in Thailand celebrate Buddha’s birthday in June.

Picture Credit : Google