How does a cricket hear with its legs?

Crickets detect sound through their legs. Unlike most living things, a cricket’s ears are located on its front legs just below the knees. Sound can through a cricket’s entire body because the openings in its legs lead into chambers that connect to either side of its body. This helps it determine what direction sounds are coming from simply by turning one way or another.

Male crickets have two structures on their wings that allow them to produce sound: a file and a scraper. When the file and scraper are rubbed against each other in a process called stridulation, they make a chirping sound. Only male crickets chirp. They chirp different types of songs to communicate with male and female crickets. Male crickets have a song to attract females to their location, a song for females that are nearby and a post-mating song. They also have a song of aggression to warn other males to stay out of their territory and a song warning males and females when danger is near.


Picture Credit : Google