How do you master self-motivation?

Self-motivation is the inherent force that will get us through the daily grind. It is the key to achievement, and it can be challenging to find it internally. People with self-motivation can find a reason and strength to complete a task. People who are self-motivated tend to be more organized, have good time management skills, and often have more self-esteem and confidence. Mastering self-motivation begins with our own personal mission and vision. Self-motivation is central to everything constructive that we want to do in life.

A self-motivated person is always motivated to do things without any kind of exterior force and behaves in a manner that is beneficial for his/her general well-being. Self motivation is a key life skill and something that everybody interested in personal development should think very vigilantly about. It is the quality that pushes us to achieve our goals, and improve the overall quality of our life.

Many wonder how they can develop self-motivation to ensure they attain their goals in life. We must be able to keep our spirit high no matter however dispiriting the circumstance is. That is the only way to get the power we need to trounce difficulties. Developing self motivation skills will increase our efficacy. Those who are discouraged and disheartened in difficult times are certain to lose even before the battle is over.

It is self-motivation that permits us not to lose our focal point while remaining practical. It will forever nurture our interdependency with our definition of success. As Les Brown rightly said, “Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it.” Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.

A good way to remain continuously self-motivated is to implement some of the well accepted steps enumerated below:

Keep a positive attitude.

There is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than to have the right attitude. We cannot select or control our circumstances, but can choose our attitude towards these circumstances. We may not be capable to be positive all the time. However, we can improve our positive thinking. When encountering obstacles, we should be proactive in finding out what works well to get over them.

Keep good company

We should constantly meet optimistic, cheerful and motivated people. If we are often with a group of people who have high ambitions and aspirations for themselves we will take on the same sense of seriousness. Research shows that, over time, we pick up their habits, and even career goals.

Know why you are doing something

If we do not know or do not have adequate reason to do something then it will be hard to get it done. We should do things that we have a strong reason to do. If we really want to do something, we should figure out a good motive to do it. If we cannot find one we better drop it and do something that we have a good reason to do.

Break it down

We should break down our task into small steps and start with focusing on that first small step. The small successes will keep our motivation high. Each step will be less frightening and take less time to accomplish than the whole. Glory in the completion of each step!

Let go of the past

One of the main ‘de-motivators’ is our past. Our past can place a heavy burden on our shoulders. We should take it off our shoulders and leave it there. We might have made mistakes in the past. But it is over. We should remember always that ‘today is a new day’ and we have the opportunity to start again. We should not let the burden of the past stop us.

Educate yourself

Read motivational books, or watch video clips of famous speakers doing it right. An educated and well-informed person will always make superior choices and grab opportunities wherever and whenever they present themselves.

Never give up even when you are frustrated

We should keep going and focus on our end goal. Moving forward is the only way we will ever reach our potential. Our mind will associate pain and pleasure with success and failure. It will help us to visualize all the rewarding aspects that come with success, while reminding us of all the negatives of failing in a task or goal.

Develop a mantra

We must find a few statements that focus our mind and motivate us. It does not matter from where they are pulled from. If you are not sure where to start, a good mantra would be, “Do it right now!”

Faith in life

Self-motivation comes from a person’s world view, meaning whether a person has faith in life or sees life as being unfair, difficult or distorted. A person who believes in the positive output by abiding by a certain number of rules will be self motivated. A person who cannot find the relationship between his/her own conduct and its outcomes will not feel self-motivated.

The final word

Motivation is borne out of habit. The longer we can keep something up, the closer it is to becoming a natural habit. Self-motivation is a kind of driving force that encourages the individual to get going. All of us look for some kind of motivation in life. It is almost impossible in the face of competition and challenges to achieve anything without strong motivation. Self-motivation works like a confidence booster! Great men and women of the past have always believed and proved with their lives that “self motivation combined with a firm determination can move mountains and find water in deserts!”

Credit : Shivanand Pandit (The Teenager Today)

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