How do you know how high or low to sing or play a note?

A composer uses notes – the written signs that show the length and the highness or lowness of sound – to write music on paper just as an author uses letters to write a story. Composers use different kinds of notes to tell musicians how long to play each sound.

This note, for example, is a quick note, like a clap of your hands or saying “oh”:

These are notes in order from shortest to longest sound:

Sometimes the composer wants the music to stop for a few beats. Composers show this by using symbols called rests.

These are three kinds of rests:

This rest means to pause for just a short moment:

This rest means to pause a little longer:

This rest means to stop for even longer:

A composer arranges them on a group of five or ten lines called a staff. High notes go on the upper lines. Low notes go on the lower lines. Can you identify the notes and rests in this line from a song?

Picture Credit : Google