How do we learn things?

The world is filled with interesting places to go and fascinating things to know and to do. So where should you go to start learning?

You’re already there – wherever you are. You learn at school, at home, at play. You learn from your family and friends and from your teachers. Books and newspapers, television, radio, telephones, and computers offer information from around the world to you.

We are all learning every day. We learn when we listen, we learn when we look, and we learn when we try new things. We’re learning when we ask questions and when we try to answer them.

Ketwago, a young boy in Botswana, a small country in Africa, was learning to hunt. Pulling his bowstring tighter, he moved slowly forward. “Stoop as low as you can,” said his father from behind him. “When we stoop over, the antelopes think we are animals and they don’t run from us. Then you can get close enough to shoot you arrow”.

Ketwago doesn’t go to school. He is taught by his father and the other grown-ups of his tribe. Children around the world learn different things in different ways.

Children learn from parents, friends, teachers, librarians, sports instructors, and brothers and sisters. Everywhere, families teach their children what they think will help them most in their lives.


Picture Credit : Google