How do the African buffalo and the American bison differ?

          Both these animals are large species of the Bovidae family. The unique horn structure of the African buffalo is its characteristic feature. The animal has a fused basis for its horns. Therefore, their horns from a continuous bone shield across the top of the head. This formation is known as a ‘boss’. Although this animal is called a buffalo. It is not an ancestor of domestic cattle.

          A grazer, this animal lives in swamps, flood plains, and mopane grasslands. They are found abundantly in the forests of the major mountains of Africa too.

         The American bison, on the other hand, is found only in North America. The European bison, found mostly in European grasslands, is its closest relative. The characteristic feature of this animal is its massive head and huge shoulder hump. Both these bison are covered with thick woolly fur.

Picture Credit : Google