How do tanks travel?

Tanks are good at driving across rough, muddy ground, but they’re quite slow. When tanks need to move quickly, they’re carried on special tank transporters. The transporter’s trailer needs lots of wheels to spread out the huge weight of the tank.

Which trucks can swim?

Armies transport equipment in amphibious trucks that can drive on land like a normal truck and float across water like a boat. Amphibious trucks have a waterproof underside to stop water flooding the engine.

Amazing! Some trucks have armour plating on the outside. They’re called armoured personnel carriers (APCs for short). They’re used to carry troops on battlefields.

What carries missiles?

Missile-carrying trucks transport huge nuclear missiles. On board the truck is a launch pad and a control centre for launching the missile. The trucks carry the missiles into the countryside if their base is threatened by enemy attack.

Is it true? Some trucks have caterpillar tracks.

Yes. A type of truck called a half-track has wheels at the front and caterpillar tracks at the rear. Armies often transport their troops in half-tracks.

Picture Credit : Google