How do snakes remove their skin?

A garter snake wiggles through the grass. Its skin has dried up and a new skin has formed beneath it. So the snake rubs its mouth against a tree trunk. The skin around its lips splits and opens up. But this doesn’t hurt the snake. Now its wrinkled old skin hangs from the tip of its tail.

Soon the snake comes to some rocks. With a twist of its tail, the snake crawls on, but the old skin stays behind. Away crawls the snake in the shiny new skin that grew beneath the old one.

Every few months a snake grows too big for its skin. Each time, it gets rid of its old skin by crawling right out of it.

Lizards cast off their skin, too. Because of their legs, however, they can’t get their old skin off in one piece the way a snake can. Lizards tear off their old skins in bits and pieces.

Picture Credit : Google