How do robots make cars?

Factory robots weld and paint cars on production lines. They are taught what to do by an engineer and then do it again and again very accurately. They work 24 hours a day and never get tired!

Who crash-tests cars?

Crash-test dummies are artificial humans which sit inside cars as they’re made to crash. The electronic dummies measure what happens to them, and if the cars’ safety features work properly. Cars which fail the tests have to be re-designed.

How are cars designed?

Every part of a car is designed using computers. Engineers draw what the parts and the car will look like, and the computer helps to control the machines which make the parts.

Amazing! When cars wear out they’re crushed into tiny cubes by a huge machine. It squashes the car first one way and then the other. The metal in the cube is recycled to make new cars.

Is it true? Cars are tested in wind tunnels.

Yes. A wind tunnel is a tube with a huge fan at one end. Engineers check how air flows around the cars. The easier it flows, the faster the car can go and the less fuel it uses.

Picture Credit : Google