How do plants without seed make new plants?

Not all plants have to make seeds to grow new plants. Some plants can make copies of themselves without the help of another plant.

The good-luck plant grows new plants around the edges of its leaves.

If you plant a potato, a new plant will sprout from it! A potato is a tuber. New stems sprout from a tuber’s bud, called an eye.

The leaves and stems of some new plants grow out of underground buds called bulbs. Flowers such as lilies, tulips, and crocuses grow from bulbs. Onion and garlic plants have bulbs you can eat!

Some plants grow copies of themselves by sending off shoots. Mint and some kinds of grasses have underground stems from which new plants will grow. Strawberry plants produce stems called runners that grow sideways. New plants grow on the runners and root themselves wherever they touch the ground.

Picture Credit : Google