How do lemur babies get around?

Like all primates, newborn lemur babies cling to their mum’s tum as she moves about the forest. As they get bigger and more curious, they have a piggyback, to get a better view.

Is it true? Only mums look after primate babies.

No. Baby titis are looked after by dad, and young male baboons often borrow a baby. No older male will attack, in case they harm the baby!

Do primate babies drink milk?

Primates are mammals – they give birth to live young and feed them milk. Most primates, including humans, usually have one baby at a time, but marmosets usually have twins.

Amazing! Baby gibbons wear bonnets. When it’s born, a baby gibbon has a cap of fur on the top of its head. Just like human babies, the rest of the baby gibbon’s body is completely bare!

Why are monkeys so cheeky?

All young monkeys love to play and it’s as important as school is for you! This is how they learn the skills they will need when they grow up.

Picture Credit : Google