How do children learn through play?

Little children learn while they play. Some play in groups at nursery school. Others visit the homes of their friends or play at home with brothers, sisters, and cousins.

As they play, children teach each other. They learn how to share and how to listen. They find out what their bodies can do. They learn about the world around them. And they learn how to have fun together.

Four-year-old Carlos lives in Spain. He plays with his friends, jumping and climbing in the village. Sometimes they play at one another’s homes.

Rohini, a 4-year-old in India, goes to nursery school with her friends. They play with toys, make things, and listen to stories together.

In the U.S.A., a 4-year-old Sarah lives on a farm in Iowa. She loves to run and explore in the fields and barn with her older brother.

All children enjoy playing with their friends. And while they play, they are learning from everyone and everything around them.


Picture Credit : Google