How do baby bird learn how to fly?

A baby swift is getting ready to fly. Ever since it hatched, its feathers have been getting longer. Its wings have been growing stronger. Now, the little bird is ready.

It hops to the edge of the nest. Even though it has never flown, the swift knows just what to do. It spreads its wings and pushes itself off the nest with its legs. Air pushes up on the swift’s wings and holds the little bird up. The swift begins to flap its wings. Feathers on the ends of the wings spread out and twist. This pulls air under each wing and pulls the swift forwards.

Now the little swift is tired. It lands by spreading out its wings and tail as a brake. Many birds can fly the very first time they try. Some birds, such as sparrows, need a little practice. They flutter weakly out of the nest. Before they can really fly, they hop about on the ground, flapping their wings for a few days.

Picture Credit : Google