How do animals move in different ways?

Animals Move

Animals can move in many different ways. They may waddle, swim, swoop, or hop. Some slither, others walk or run. A clam has only one foot for digging into mud or sand. A penguin walks on two legs. A dog walks or runs on four legs. Ladybugs walk on six legs. Spiders walk on eight legs. Centipedes may have a hundred pairs of legs to walk on, and some millipedes walk on more legs than that! Snakes and worms slither around on no legs at all. Bats and most kinds of birds and insects fly. And fish swim.

Some animals move only when they are very young. Barnacles, sponges, and baby oysters swim through the water until they find a good place to stay. Then they fasten themselves down and never move again.

Animals can move around without help. If a living thing moves by itself, it’s an animal.

Picture Credit : Google