Animals Grow Up

The seeds of a tree take root in the ground. The new tree sprouts, grows roots, and produces leaves—all by itself. Plants can take care of themselves. But, unlike plants, many animal parents must teach their young how to survive on their own.

Each baby animal grows up to live the way its parents live. It looks, acts, and sounds like animals of its own kind—and like no others.

A lion cub learns to walk and then run. It learns to eat meat. It growls and it roars. It learns to hunt other animals for food. A baby spider grows up and does all the things spiders do. It crawls along and spins a sticky web that will catch insects to eat.

A young parrot learns to fly. It knows how to crack nuts and seeds with its bill. It squawks and whistles like other parrots.

Every animal learns to live like the other animals of its kind. Each animal does what it must do to stay alive. That’s the way of the animal world.

Picture Credit : Google