How do a jaguar and leopard differ in the way they attack?

      Jaguars and leopards have differing styles and body language when it comes to finding their meal, or protecting themselves. A jaguar will bravely defend itself if it is confronted by another, bigger, attacking animal.

      However, a leopard tends to be shy and will try avoiding confrontation. If a lion or hyena comes in its way, jaguars, in all probability, will stand their ground. They will attack even if the opponent is an anaconda or a large caiman. Jaguars are good swimmers too. They will spend a lot of time in water, if they find a convenient water body.

      Leopards, on the other hand, are more athletic. They can swiftly climb up to tree, and get hold of an impala for a meal. While jaguars love water, leopards will try to avoid it, although they can swim well.

Picture Credit : Google