How did the elements 98, 99 and 100 have such curious names?




                     Element 98 is californium. It is a synthetic, radioactive element which is not found in nature. Californium represented with the symbol Cf, is named after the University of California, where it was first made in 1950. This radioactive metal is made from plutonium in nuclear reactors.






                    Einsteinium is named after the great scientist Albert Einstein. Its atomic number is 99, and it is represented as Es. Einsteinium, a synthetic element, is produced in extremely small amounts, and has a very short lifetime. Einsteinium was discovered during the examination of debris from the first hydrogen bomb test in November 1952.





                 Element number 100 is fermium, and it was discovered in 1953. It is named after Enrico Fermi, a nuclear physicist, who developed the first artificial, self-sustaining nuclear reactor.

                  Fermi had died in 1954, at the time when the research results on the newly discovered element were being presented. Fermium is represented as Fm.


Pictures credit: google