How can you spot Eric Carle’s picture books?

Carle’s Collage Creatures

They have pictures made with colourful scraps of painted tissue papers, which he paints himself. The caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a collage.

To make the very hungry caterpillar, first Carle made a drawing of the caterpillar. He placed that drawing on top of a piece of red tissue paper and cut along the outline of the face. He put glue on the back of the tissue face and stuck it to a white board. One by one, Carle cut out the other parts of the caterpillar and added them to the red face. Then he drew details, such as hairs, with crayon.

In 1929, Eric Carle was born to German parents in Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. As a small child, Eric took many walks with his father. They often stopped to look under rocks and dead leaves. There they discovered tiny creatures, such as insects, spiders, and worms. Eric Carle’s love of nature began with these walks.

Eric went to kindergarten in Syracuse. He enjoyed experimenting with the fat brushes and bright paints in his art class. Eric’s teacher saw that he had talent. She urged his mother to encourage his drawing. But he learned more about animals and art outside school than inside.

As an older student, Eric was living in Stuttgart, Germany. On summer visits to farms, Eric milked cows and watched bees. While in the city, he visited his Uncle August, a storyteller, who inspired the young Eric. Eric Carle went on to make up his own stories with the collage creatures that delight children and adults today.

Picture Credit : Google