How can you preserve your culture heritage?

Read up

The World Wide Web has a plethora of information for you to consume. Log onto UNESCO’s website and you will find authentic information about not just physical heritage but also cultural heritage of different countries. You can also visit the local library and find books relating to India’s cultural heritage. Reading up about our country’s vast cultural heritage is the first step towards doing your bit to preserve it.

Talk to your parents

Cultural heritage has evolved over the years and has been passed down through multiple generations. Talk to your parents and elders at home about cultural heritage in general or any specific topic such as an art form that piques your interest. You will get to hear many fascinating stories that they have witnessed and experienced over the years. It also makes for a great bonding time.

Organize discussions

The best way to preserve our cultural heritage is by getting your peers involved. Organise discussions in class or via video calls and talk to your peers about all the interesting information you have gathered about cultural heritage. Encourage them to share stories and the knowledge they possess on the same. Once school reopens, you can request your teachers to organize cultural events that showcase the country’s rich heritage and encourage your classmates to participate in them.


There are various organizations and groups that are doing their best to preserve our cultural heritage. You can volunteer with any of these groups and help spread the word and organize events with them. Sometimes they may even visit remote places to experience the heritage fthat has not yet caught the eye of the mainstream media. Volunteering with them would be an enriching experience.

Get creative

In this era of technology, you can capture people’s attention faster than usual. Take photographs and video of cultural heritage and blog or vlog about it. You don’t have to do it alone. Gather your friends along and get them to take part as well. You can make interesting videos and blogs and share them on social media.

At the local level, you can design pamphlets and brochures and spread the word among your neighbours and the local community.


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