How can you find the parts of the world’s ocean?

The World’s Ocean

Do you think the earth’s surface has more land or more water? Would you believe that most of the planet is covered with water? It’s true. The land we live on, even the giant continents, are really just like big islands in a huge ocean.

Different parts of the ocean have different names, although all these parts combine to form one giant body of water. The two biggest parts are the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. There are also the Indian and Arctic oceans. Some people call the water near the South Pole the Antarctic Ocean. Can you find these parts of the world’s ocean on the globe?

Where did the ocean come from? Many scientists say that billions of years ago the outside of the earth was cool, but the inside was fiercely hot. The heat inside the earth caused chemicals to rise to the surface. Some of these chemicals formed water. Over millions of years, the water filled the low parts of the earth.

Picture Credit : Google