How can I forget about him?

I love a guy who is my senior in school. I love him very much but I don’t think we can be in a relationship because after 1 year we both will leave school and go to different places. So I started ignoring him. But after a few days I started talking to him again. How can I forget about him and pay attention to my future plans?

You do not have to “forget about him” because a good friendship can exist and grow even when people cannot be physically close. Friendship and love grow from the heart and make life beautiful and worth living. Modern means of communication like the cell phone, internet, etc., make it possible for people to remain in touch and share their life and problems even when they are far away from each other. If both of you agree to continue your friendship, carry it on without fear. When you both grow up it will towards clear in which direction you should go: either towards a lasting friendship or a more close and exclusive relationship of love.


Picture Credit : Google