How can animals be your friends?

Animals Can Be Your Friend

When you think of pets, what do you think of? Many people think of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, or fish. Other people think of snakes, insects, monkeys, pigs, or even llamas. Still others think of tarantulas or iguanas.

All around the world, people love animals as pets. In Japan, children train pet mice to dance, and some people keep pet jellyfish. Mongooses are common pets in India. Large sea birds called cormorants are popular pets in China.

What kind of pet is right for you? Kittens and puppies are fun to play with. Birds and fish are fun to watch. Cats, fish, and snakes are quiet pets.

Dogs and birds can be quite noisy, but they can be trained to do tricks. If you want an unusual pet, how about a hedgehog, a tropical fish, or a mouse?

Getting a new pet is fun and exciting. But remember—your pet probably will be with you as long as it lives. So will your responsibility to your pet! Make sure that you and your pet are a perfect match.

Picture Credit : Google