How astronauts deal with gravity in space?

Astronauts not only have to deal with gravity in space, but they also use it to get where they’re going. Traveling from A to B in a spaceship or probe requires complex calculations – literally, rocket science – to ‘’slingshot’’ from planet to planet (or moon) across the solar system using the gravity of each heavenly body.

Without the effect of gravity, blood and other body fluids begin to flow towards the head. This can cause a feeling of stuffiness and headaches. With no gravity to push against, bones and muscles can become weak. To stay fit, they have to exercise several hours each day. This allows them to recover more quickly when they return to Earth.

 In a shuttle or space station, there is no up or down. There is no difference between a floor and a ceiling. This can make astronauts feel sick until they get used to this strange arrangement.


Picture Credit : Google