How artist works on a terracotta warrior in workshop?

Terracotta Statues

Today, the emperor’s terracotta army is kept in a large museum. Museum artists have a workshop where they make copies of the soldiers. As much as possible, these artists follow the steps the emperor’s sculptors used more than 2,200 years ago.

First, an artist forms long ropes from clay. To build a soldier’s body, the artist coils these ropes around and around. Next, the artist places one hand inside the body to steady it. With the other hand, he or she beats the coils together with a paddle.

The artists make the hands, ears, and basic head shapes in moulds. They cover each moulded head with a layer of clay. In this clay, they model the features of each soldier by hand. They use clay modelling tools to add details on the armour.

Workers then put the body parts in a kiln with a low fire. When the parts dry, the kiln’s temperature rises to 1000 °C. The statues are baked until they glow red.

Picture Credit : Google