How are the okapi and giraffe different in terms of ecology and behaviour?

       Although giraffes and okapis belong to the same family, they live in different places, and possess varied behavioural characteristics.

       Okapis live in the deep forests of central Africa. They prefer to live alone, not forming herds. Their home ranges are relatively small. Okapis feed on leaves, twigs, or other high-growing vegetation, known as browse. However, they also like to graza in grasslands.

       Giraffes, on the other hand, are gregarious animals. They prefer the company of other giraffes, and live in a herd of 20 40 25 animals.

       Their home range is large, and they usually live in large open savannahs. Between okapis and giraffes, the latter has excellent eyesight. Giraffes are browsers, meaning that they feed on vegetation from tall trees.

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They make good use of their long necks to reach the tall branches of trees and even eat the crowns of trees.