How are animal babies born?

All living creatures make new living things like themselves. They reproduce. Every baby animal comes from a grown-up animal like itself. A baby penguin comes from a penguin. A baby horse comes from a horse. A baby beetle comes from a beetle.

Animal babies are born in different ways. Some baby animals come right out of the mother’s body. Horses are born this way. So are cats, monkeys, whales, and some snakes. And so are people. Some baby animals hatch out of eggs that come from their mother’s body. Penguins are born this way. So are beetles, frogs, and most fish.

Many animals do not look after their babies after they are born. For example, some frogs and toads and many kinds of fish lay their eggs and let the babies take care of themselves.

Other animals stay with their babies for a long time. Many birds teach their babies to fly. Many mammals teach their young to hunt for food.

Some baby animals look just like their parents. Some look very different. But every baby animal grows up to be exactly the same kind of animal as its parents.

Picture Credit : Google